I was a patient for two weeks in early October. The thought of going to a SNF filled me with terror. To my great relief, the experience and recovery from spinal surgery was met with the greatest of kindness, attention, and care above and beyond any expectations. Thanks to all the CNAs, nurses, PTs, OTs - and especially to CNAs Maricel and Ofelia - they made my day.

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Kathleen H.

I always thought skilled nursing homes were terrible. However, this fall, I had a terrible accident and I had to go into one. I ended up at Santa Cruz Post Acute Rehab. And I must tell you I was pleasantly surprised! Everybody here, no matter what role they had, were very professional, kind, considerate, and supportive. It was a very low time of my life and the staff really helped me to build strength and confidence as I healed enough to go home. I've been here seven weeks and I cannot believe how wonderful all the staff is. They made a huge difference for me. I must add, this place is very tidy and clean. Everyone seems to be a worker bee! If you have to be in a nursing facility like me, I highly recommend Santa Cruz Post Acute Rehab.

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Barbara C.

This place is amazing! My mom was here for 2 weeks. The staff is loving and very tentative to all the people staying. The facility is clean and pleasant. My mom loved the food and they always make accommodations for special food requests. My mom was transferred from Dominican hospital and even the paramedic staff said that Santa Cruz Post Acute was like a resort. They always have fun activities in the living room going on. I think the activities are really good for the patients. The physical therapist are great and they really do a wonderful job helping patients get moving in the best safest way. I would recommend Santa Cruz Post Acute to anyone who needs care for their family member or themselves.

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Meghan J.

After being in a major accident, I had been transported to this facility. I stayed for three months. I had fractured both my wrists, my foot, and had multiple fractures to my leg. I couldn't do anything by myself. Initially, I wanted to be placed to another skilled nursing facility (SNF). I'm so glad they didn't have a bed and I came here. The entire time I was here, the CNAs, nurses, PTs, OTs, administrators took excellent care of me with patience and compassion. I am fairly young, so it was hard being here, and at times I felt humiliated (not by them) by having to asks people to do EVERYTHING for me. But those feelings were squelched immediately when the staff would help me. They always made me feel comfortable and important. This could have been a horrible experience, but it wasn't. I felt like they really cared about me and that it wasn't just a paycheck for them. This was one of the lowest points of my life, yet I felt calm and happy. The PT and OT was excellent and encouraging with just the right amount of challenge. The gym was a roomy space with all the necessary equipment. I really enjoyed and looked forward to my therapies because they really lifted my spirits by getting me out of bed and giving me hope. Another plus at this facility was the admissions staff, Kate really came to bat for me as far as working with a case worker for my insurance so I didn't have to worry about that. In the physical and mental condition I was in, I had no strength or idea in how to deal with all the administration tasks that go along with being in a major accident. Thanks to the staff, all I had to do was recover. I could have gotten very depressed and overwhelmed but thanks to all the support and my community of friends and family, I didn't. My visitors were always welcomed and respected--and I had many visitors. I felt really loved. Towards the end of rehab, I dreamed of coming back while walking on my own without any assistive devices and thanking all the folks who got me through this experience. That day was yesterday. I proudly walked in there after driving myself. I was so proud of the lemon bars I made with my own broken wrists that couldn't even feed myself. Thanks to the OTs for helping me to strengthen my wrists, I can bake, play my guitar, brush my hair, and so much more. I highly recommend this SNF.

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-Melissa P.

When I arrived at Post Acute, I could not walk or carry out normal bodily functions; with special attention given by the staff from PT; OT: aides, nurses, I am now able to walk and I'm on the road to recovery from this terrible COVID-19 virus. My praise goes out to all the staff! And now I get to go home!

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-Robert C.

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